Winery Visit near Barcelona – Freixenet’s Sparkling White – Alimentaria 2010

As some of you know already from the twitter feed, I am in Barcelona for the Alimentaria food and wine conference. I’ve gotten to stop by some of our tried and true Languedoc-Roussillon producers in the conference. I’ve also had a chance to try some excellent Catalunya wines that are especially interesting when compared to some of the products of Roussillon (Catalunya del Nor, to many).

Here’s a short video of a visit to the largest Cava producer in the region. They’re probably one of the largest producers of sparkling white in the world, and they do a good job of keeping up quality. Their very affordable, very drinkable black label is ubiquitous in the US and Germany (and Japan apparently), but their quality cuvees that stay in the country have been a real treat.

For now, check out this video where a winery representative explains how they freeze the cava to remove the sediment.

More on this visit and the rest of the conference soon.

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