Vinifilles – Love That Languedoc episode 48

ViniFilles kicked off ViniSud with a pre salon party last night that was pretty killer. 18 Languedoc wine girls know how to put on a show. Lights were low in the secluded venue these hip winemakers picked to show off their wares. That means the video is gonna be a little fuzzy but my memories of the wines are crystal clear. MORE TO COME for this group of girls

Remember it’s vinisud !! So all of the videos are gonna be a little bit shorter and they’re gonna be coming at you at hopefully lightning speed. If the video’s not showing, it’s because the blip servers have them cued to be converted. Live with it. And when they do pop up retweet that with a big #ViniSud. I want to see if France’s coolest wine salon can get trending.

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