Update to Languedoc Roussillon wine blogs and twitter accounts

It’s been several months since I’ve updated the twitter and blogger lists for Languedoc Roussillon wine producers.  So I sat down and did it this morning!

Lots of winemakers have been added to the list of Tweeting winemakers:

A few winemaker blogs worth adding too:

  • Pour le Vin, Cotes Catalanes – Michel Smith doesn’t blog much about his wines, but he is a winemaker now so there you have it.
  • Domaine de Cadables, Gabian – Met Bernard Isarn at the Matinale du CIVL / BUCE event in Narbonne.
  • Sieur d’Arques, Limoux – A bit embarassed that I hadn’t seen this one sooner.  But there it is now!  :)

Then a few blogs that fall into some grey areas:

  • The Outsiders – strictly speaking, this is a blog for a group of winemakers.  But the winemakers don’t handle the blogging ourselves.  But a lot of the text is written by us.
  • Idées Liquides et Solides – I don’t think Vincent Pousson is a winemaker, strictly speaking (although I might be wrong!)  I know he designs the labels and aesthetics for Castelmaure and is very heavily implicated in their communication strategy.  Anyway, he blogs under his own name, but I can’t help thinking of it as an extension of the Castelmaure cooperative (even though it’s explicitly not that).
  • 20 de Corbieres – This is a website hosted by the AOC Corbieres / CIVL (an interprofessional group) and it hosts a blog that any winemaker in the Corbieres can post on.  This is a brilliant idea.  The Corbieres is massive and having a joint winemaker blog accessible to all its producers can generate a huge amount of quality first-person content with just a little bit of effort from each winemaker.  Awesome initiative.  The posts are still often CIVL-ish or AOC-ish because some of them are posted by the syndicat Corbieres, so it’s not totally a winemaker blog.  But it’s getting very very close.  Or maybe even it’s better than a winemaker blog?


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