Toques & Gewürztraminer: Innovation in Aude – Love that Languedoc Ep. 14

Jean Heritier, Director of the Chamber of Agriculture, dropped by with a couple white wines that represent the spirit of revitalization of the region.

We taste Toques et Clochers, a wine that Sieur d’Arques organizes a big old auction around each and every year. The proceeds of the auction goes to rennovate an old churchtower somewhere in the area. Nice spirit of revitalization in the Languedoc and all based around wine and celebration.

We also taste an experimental growth of Gewürztraminer being grown at the experimental domaine managed by the Chamber of Agriculture. It’s not quite the same as when Alsace grows them, but full of potential. Unfortunately, it’s been open a whole day and it tastes suboptimal. We tasted it freshly for a French episode that will be uploaded soon. And we talk about the differences after being open a whole day.

This is ironically a really sleeepy video from my dad and me. We could use some revitalizing ourselves. Working hard to bring this blog to you. Tasting wines and taking names!

The Wines:
Toques & Clochers Haute-Vallée 2007, Sieur d’Arques, AOC Limoux
Experimental Gewürztraminer Sample 2007, Domaine de Cazes, Unclassified wine experiment

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