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Languedoc Outsiders Wine Tasting

Meet the Languedoc Outsiders, a group of winemakers who have all fallen head over heels for Languedoc Roussillon wines.  And for the sake of full disclosure: I’m a happy member of the group.

Last year, the Languedoc Outsiders held a successful tasting event at Sud de France’s Maison du Languedoc Roussillon in London.  And now the group is coming home to do a tasting in our own back yard.  The group’s Montpellier tasting is going to be Chez Boris in the centreville of Montpellier

languedoc outsiders invitation to Montpellier wine tasting

Those readers who have been following the group closely probably notice that there are some changes in the roster.  The new additions are Vella Frontera (Roussillon) and Domaine Sainte Rose (Cotes de Thongue).

Domaine Cébène
Domaine Jones
Chateau de Combebelle
Mas Gabriel
Mas des Dames
Chateau Rives-Blanques
Domaine Treloar
Chateau d’Anglès
Domaine Hegarty Chamans
La Grange de Quatre Sous (no website)
Domaine de Calet
Domaine Vella Frontera
Domaine Sainte Rose

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London Wine Tasting with The Outsiders

Headed up to London for the Outsiders Tasting at the Maison du Languedoc Roussillon. I hope to have lots of photos and videos for you in a couple of days to show off some of the Languedoc’s weirdest winemakers.

You can look around online for more information about the tasting and biographies of the winemakers.

Winemakers in attendance:

If you’re a member of the trade or press and you haven’t RSVPed yet, please do so immediately by emailing Louise Hurren or me.

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Mas de l’Ecriture unedited – Love That Languedoc

I posted a video montage of my visit to the Mas de l’Ecriture, but I never got around to showing you the unedited footage. It wasn’t really a convenional episode, so a lot of this footage is just camera staring off into space while I taste delicious wines.  Live with it.

In the video, you get to see a bit more of Pasca Fulla, Lea Fulla and Louise Hurren.  The Fullas make wine there and Louise gets people like me to talk about it. And all three of these talented individuals are contributing vast amounts of energy into creating more and more value in the Languedoc. There is also a child sneaking around in the background, but I’m the only person who saw him and the camera never caught him, so everybody thinks I’m crazy.

The unedited version has a lot more English in it, and it includes me failing to guess varietals repeatedly! So it’s worth following us along on a brut de cuve wine tasting at the Mas de l’Ecriture.

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Sud de France Export Languedoc-Roussillon Synchronized Global Wine Tasting

Here are parts 2 and 3 of our global synchronized wine tasting with Sud de France’s kit of Languedoc-Roussillon wines.  Thanks again for all of you who tuned in live and who showed up to taste in person!  I’m glad we could mobilize a few brave souls on a Monday morning. :D

The folks standing with me are my parents, an operational manager from Chateau Le Bouïs, Aude Campos, and Matthew Stubbs and Emma Kershaw of Vinecole.

The wines:
Dromadaire 30670 2006, IGP Pays d’Oc
Cigalus 2008, Gérard Bertrand, IGP Pays d’Oc
Mas de Madame 2006, AOP Muscat de Frontignan

You can watch the video recording of the live broadcast syncrhonized tasting in low fidelity (it’s pretty much the same but lofi and in one piece).   Does anybody know if south of France put up recordings of their fancy video conferencing between the various maisons du Languedoc-Roussillon?

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