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Languedoc Day – Intro to Languedoc

November 10, 2011 is Languedoc Day and a lot of people are looking for some basic information about the region.

Love that #Languedoc Day

This website is devoted to a beautiful stretch of wine country on the Mediterranean coast of the south of France. It’s called the Languedoc. It’s sun-drenched, hilly and has some really amazing landscapes. It’s perfect for winemaking. That’s why humans have been making wine in this part of the world for thousands of years. Before we had fertilizers, drip irrigation, pH tests, and yeast cultures, people could grow deliciously ripe grapes, stick them in a clay amphora and make wine!

Today, this region is one of the largest wine producing regions on earth. And more and more winemakers like me are devoting themselves to produce quality wines. We hope to gain recognition for this region with our wines, and it’s really cool to see so much interest in Languedoc Day!

What to do on Languedoc Day

Maybe drink a little Languedoc wine.  Talk about with your friends.  Watch some Languedoc videos on this site.  Follow some Languedoc winemakers on twitter.  Or check out some other Languedoc winemaker blogs.  Like some of our vineyards on Facebook.  Have a glass and enjoy yourself!

Intro to the Languedoc Videos

Here’s a little video I threw together. It was super windy outside so we went into the winery. But we can’t complain too much! That wind has protected our grapes from mildew and rot for thousands of years. :) Anyway, sorry you can’t see the fall colors on the vines.

The video is kind of rambly, but that’s me so get used to it. :)

I’m actually reminded of the very first video I made for this website.  Why am I so obsessed with this region?  What is it about the Languedoc that inspires people so much?

“Love That Languedoc” Introduction English from Ryan O’Connell on Vimeo.


Languedoc Day

If you want to participate in Languedoc Day, it’s as easy as signing up on the eventbrite page. And there are some other tips about how I’ll be spending Languedoc Day on my personal vineyard blog.

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Jancis Robinson Loves that Languedoc-Roussillon

Let’s take a very brief break from all these videos from the Grenache Symposium.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Jancis Robinson and her team for all the praise they’ve been showering on the Languedoc lately.  And wait there’s a segueway here because I actually got to meet Julia Harding MW at the symposium.  Julia’s the editing machine and full time miracle worker that helps get these articles out in the open.  So thanks Jancis, Julia, and Tamlyn (and everybody I haven’t met yet) for this  flurry of articles about our beloved region.

“This is a part of France truly blessed by nature.”
–Jancis Robinson, FT 5 Jun 2010

We’ll start with the jewel in the crown, one of Jancis’ Financtial Times columns devoted to the Languedoc-Roussillon.  She talks about some real issues and explains how the many hardships we face in the Languedoc-Roussillon create an amazing value for the wine drinker who enjoys a little bit of exploration.  The article goes into the fusion of larger and larger cooperatives, the problems we have in structuring our classifications and correlating them to price, and much much more.  It’s a good primer for the region.  Presumably, you all might already know this stuff, but it never hurts to have an article to introduce your friends to the area.  And a column in the FT gets a lot of exposure for our region. So hurrah.

She gives several shout outs to notable estates in the area at the end of her article, ranging from big boys to small indie producers and including a lot of names that should be familiar to all you regular Lovers: Mas de Daumas Gassac, Mas de l’EcritureChâteau de la NéglyLa Pèira, and Treloar to name a few.

And if that article has only whet your appetite for the Languedoc-Roussillon, you’ll be happy to know that just uploaded over 200 wine reviews with tasting notes for the region.   But you will have to pay for access to those in the Purple Pages.  You understand that a girl’s gotta pay the bills, right?

Lastly, I was very proud to see Love That Languedoc as well as my wines featured in an article about estranhièrs (strangers) in the region.  I was in very good company and I hope to make the rounds of all these estates sooner or later to let you peak into the beautiful lives we lead here in the south of France.

Thanks again for all the press.  The region loves you for it.

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