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Jamie Oliver’s website visits the Languedoc

This spring, the editor of Jamie Oliver’s website visited the Languedoc to learn about the local food and wine culture.  This visit resulted in a flurry of new food and wine videos and posts (and even more wine posts and food posts) on the website (which receives 3.7 million viewers each month!)  It’s very exciting to see hundreds of people are already watching the videos just a day or two after they’ve been uploaded.

Jamie’s a big cooking personality and he’s got a dedicated following of unpretentious food lovers.  Giving that audience a glimpse into kitchens and wineries in the Languedoc Roussillon is a big boon!  So hurrah!

It was a real pleasure showing Danny (the editor) around some of the region’s winemakers and chefs who like to work from scratch and put a lot of love into their work just like Jamie.

Here are a couple of the videos featured on the site:
Jerome Ryon, chef at La Barbacane in l’Hotel de la Cité de Carcassonne

Ryan O’Connell, Liz O’Connell and Ben Darnault talk about wine in the Languedoc Roussillon


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Visiting Vineyards in Corbieres – Top 5

I’m really pleased about how many winemakers in the Corbieres are sponsoring and attending VinoCamp Languedoc on March 19th, 2011.  And after tweeting about the appelation’s enthusiasm, Jamie Goode asked “Which would be your top five corbieres producers for punters to visit?”

twitter screenshot of jamie goode asking about corbieres vineyards

I love the question and I think the answer is worth writing up on this blog in more than 140 character and a slightly more searchable format.  A big thanks to Jamie for asking.

Keep in mind that these are not the only domaines in the Corbieres.  They’re not even my personal top 5 since many of my favorite places are more fun for the engaged wine lover and less fun for your average wine drinker.

This is a list of 5 that are perhaps best-suited for your typical “punter”.  British slang which, to me, implies that the visitor is not a wine professional but just a curious person on vacation who enjoys the occasional glass of wine.  And if anybody gets offended that I didn’t put them on the list, they can always just email me.

Top 5 Corbieres Producers to Visit

  • La Voulte Gasparet, Boutenac – Boutenac is one of the grands crus of the Languedoc now, a special subsection of the larger Corbières.  La Voulte Gasparet is a family estate that receives people for tastings with regular opening hours.  You can also peek around their barrel room if you ask nicely.  While you’re in the area, you might also try to drop by Domaine Fontsainte.  These are estates where you’ll taste with the actual winemakers.   Some other famous properties in the area like La Forge (one of Gerard Bertrand’s) don’t open the doors to the general public :-ç  but you can always try to call and arrange a tasting.Château la Voulte Gasparets
    11200 BOUTENAC
    (0)4 68 27 07 86
  • Chateau Le Bouis, Gruissan – Le Bouis is a gorgeous estate in the northeast of the Corbieres.  You can see La Clape from their vines, but they’re still technically Corbieres.  They’ve got a restaurant, rooms, and lots of concerts and animations during the summer.  Also, proximity to Narbonne and the beach make this an easy destination for people to plan into the itinerary.  I don’t know what the winery tour is like since I just get tend to get distracted by the restaurant and beautiful landscapes.Route Bleue
    11430 Gruissan
    (0)4 68 75 25 25
  • Domaine Baillat, Montlaur – This is probably the most authentic independent winemaker on the list.  It’s hard to pick just one since the Corbieres has literally hundreds and hundreds of independent producers.  But Christian Baillat speaks English, German, French and even Occitan.  He’s a quirky, organic producer and he participates with WWOOFing programs that bring kids in from overseas to learn about winemaking.  You’d best call ahead.31, avenue de Malbec
    11220 Montlaur
    (0)4 68 24 08 05
  • Castelmaure, Embres & Castelmaure – Since this question was inspired by me fawning over the famous cooperative, I would be remiss not to include them.  But this is going to be a gift shop tour.  That means you go into a nice room where they hold tastings (and it will be conveniently close to a cash register).  If you’ve got a group of 10 or more, you can call and make a reservation to visit the actual winery.4, route des canelles
    11360 Embres & Castelmaure
    (0)4 68 45 91 83
  • Mont Tauch, Tuchan – Another popular cooperative, and another gift shop tour.  Again, groups of 10 can call ahead to get a winery tour.  There are interactive displays and videos all around the shop, free tastings, and that ever present cash register.   The strength of these co-op tours is that they’re unintimidating.  You go in and taste.  You don’t have to say anything clever as you sip through their wines.  If your toddler starts to throw a fit, you can always just leave.Les Vignerons Du Mont Tauch
    11350 Tuchan
    (0)4 68 45 41 08

Google Map

corbieres wineries map

Not really a producer, but…

  • Terra Vinea, Portel – You might be thinking this is more than 5 recommendations.  But honestly this last one isn’t a recommendation so much as a mention.  Terra Vinea is a tourist destination devoted to wine.  I cannot recommend it as I have never been.  But here is a promotional video that you can watch.  You will quickly determine whether it is the place for you.

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Winery Visit near Barcelona – Freixenet’s Sparkling White – Alimentaria 2010

As some of you know already from the twitter feed, I am in Barcelona for the Alimentaria food and wine conference. I’ve gotten to stop by some of our tried and true Languedoc-Roussillon producers in the conference. I’ve also had a chance to try some excellent Catalunya wines that are especially interesting when compared to some of the products of Roussillon (Catalunya del Nor, to many).

Here’s a short video of a visit to the largest Cava producer in the region. They’re probably one of the largest producers of sparkling white in the world, and they do a good job of keeping up quality. Their very affordable, very drinkable black label is ubiquitous in the US and Germany (and Japan apparently), but their quality cuvees that stay in the country have been a real treat.

For now, check out this video where a winery representative explains how they freeze the cava to remove the sediment.

More on this visit and the rest of the conference soon.

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