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Vins Jolis chez Virgile Joly – Languedoc, je t’aime ep. 15

Nous avons rendu visite au Domaine Virgile Joly à Saint Saturnin de Lucian. Avec Virgile comme guide à travers son domaine, j’ai eu l’impression de vivre pour quelques heures cette vie telle que décrit Patrick Moon dans son livre: Virgile’s Vineyard. Encore un autre exemple d’un jeune vigneron-oenologue NON-originaire du Languedoc, qui trouve cette region parfaite pour faire un beau produit de terroir.

Nous dégustons quelques vins blancs: la cuvée Saturne et la cuvée Virgile. Du pure grenache dans les deux cuvées mais deux styles et expressions très différents.

Il faut aussi mentioner que Virgile est un autre vigneron qui utilise l’agriculture bio. Nous avons abordé les débats dans le monde du Bio, avec la possibilié d’un cahier de charges sur le travail au chai.

Les Vins:
Cuvée Saturne 2008, Domaine Virgile Joly, Vin de Pays de l’Hérault
Cuvée Virgile 2004, Domaine Virgile Joly, Vin de Pays de l’Hérault

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Virgile’s Vineyard with Virgile Joly – Love that Languedoc ep. 12

I got to meet Virgile Joly at his eponymous Domaine and it was a lot of fun. He is of course the titular winemaker in Virgile’s Vineyard by Patrick Moon. But more than that, he’s a dude who cares about the wine he’s making. We taste three reds in this episode and I refer to the whites a little (that episode will be uploaded soon).

What’s remarkable to me is that the Cuvées actually mean something here. A lot of the time you see a winemaker has his Cuvée Expensive and a Cuvée Affordable and there’s no real relationship between the red and white in the Cuvée Affordable (other than price). Here, I feel like the red Saturne and white Saturne had more in common than the red Virgile and red Saturne. That is a lot of fun to see.

On another note, I unintentionally created a themed week where we visited three different organic vineyards. Pretty wild coincidence since the numbers were just released that the Languedoc Roussillon is now France’s number one spot for organically grown wine grapes! All the articles I’m reading on the subject are in French, but I’m sure the news will leak into the Anglophone world soon. If it doesn’t, I’ll translate it.

But this is all sort of tangential. Virgile Joly produces good wine and it happens to be organic. He explains in this episode that he’s been growing and thinking organic for a long time. And adopting the certification is just sort of a necessary step he had to take when all these ridiculously unwholesome winemakers started calling themselves organic growers.

What’s important is his dedication to the idea of making good, expressive wines.

PS – there was a technical snafu at the end, but we overcome. …And then we were invaded by Virgile’s adorable children who are coincidentally named after famous conquering Emperors.

The wines:
Cuvée Joly Rouge, Domaine Virgile Joly, AOC Languedoc
Cuvée Saturne, Domaine Virgile Joly, AOC Languedoc
Cuvée Virgile, Domaine Virgile Joly, AOC Coteaux du Languedoc

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