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The Grenache Rainbow: Blanc Gris and Noir – Love That Languedoc episode 34

Hello there! We tasted three wines that feature Grenache prominently. And as you may realize Grenache comes in many colors. We taste them all! Grenache blanc (a white wine grape), grenache gris (a red-skinned grape used to make a white wine), and a grenache noire (a red wine grape).

The wines:
2002 Cuvée Virgile, Domaine Virgile Joly, Vin de Pays de l’Herault
Naïck 7, Domaine L’Oustal Blanc, Vin de Table (non-vintage, but it’s totally from 2007)
2007 La Réserve de Monsieur, Château la Chaussée, AOC Corbières

See Also:
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