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VinoCamp Languedoc 2011 – Videos

VinoCamp Languedoc was a huge success with well over our expected 130 participants and a healthy number of winemakers. And lots of videos!

I am overjoyed at how much of the VinoCamp has been put online.  This post will focus on video coverage. People hovered around with video cameras all weekend and then toiled away at the editing room before uploading a lot of that footage to the Internet.

First, I’ll highlight the video efforts of a couple of youngsters in Aude running a video editing and communications outfit called Agence 22h43.

This is the short documentary they did about the event which succinctly relays all the key points. I think it’s really great. And, for a limited time, they are offering DVDs of their coverage on their website.

They also did several longer interviews if you’re hungry for more.

Jean Caizergues, President de la CCI Carcassonne

Anne Victoire Monrozier, Miss Vicky Wine

If you want to see allll the videos they did about VinoCamp (and all the videos they do on the rest of the region), check out their agency blog and youtube channel.

Another wonderful video was made by Raphaele Beyssier of 11 Le Magazine.

11 Le Magazine isn’t even an official communications sponsor of the conference, but Raphaele attended out of a genuine curiosity for what was happening in the region. We really appreciate the coverage, video and written.

And one other stand out video reporter was Nina Izzo from Lost In Wine. While I tend to post really heavy unedited clips of all the sessions, she’s taken the time to cut entire sessions into smaller segments that deal with one or two specific issues.

For example:
Qui sont les médias forts et pour qui?

Check out the rest of her videos on her blog or the Lost In Wine youtube channel.

Many participants had shorter, but equally excellent video contributions like this portrait of Christiane Morties filmed by Obiwine.

I’m sure some videos have escaped my notice and I apologize for not posting all of them here. Feel free to add them in the comments and don’t be afraid to self promote! As long as your video shows the character of the conference, you’re actually promoting VinoCamp!

There’s also some streamed footage of the general ambiance, I believe uploaded by Gregoire Japiot, co-organizer of the event.

And obviously, my own unedited efforts are posted on the O’Vineyards
Winemaker Blog for those who want to hear full sessions about wine blogger ethics or Success Stories and Fail Stories.

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Sud de France Export Languedoc-Roussillon Synchronized Global Wine Tasting

Here are parts 2 and 3 of our global synchronized wine tasting with Sud de France’s kit of Languedoc-Roussillon wines.  Thanks again for all of you who tuned in live and who showed up to taste in person!  I’m glad we could mobilize a few brave souls on a Monday morning. :D

The folks standing with me are my parents, an operational manager from Chateau Le Bouïs, Aude Campos, and Matthew Stubbs and Emma Kershaw of Vinecole.

The wines:
Dromadaire 30670 2006, IGP Pays d’Oc
Cigalus 2008, Gérard Bertrand, IGP Pays d’Oc
Mas de Madame 2006, AOP Muscat de Frontignan

You can watch the video recording of the live broadcast syncrhonized tasting in low fidelity (it’s pretty much the same but lofi and in one piece).   Does anybody know if south of France put up recordings of their fancy video conferencing between the various maisons du Languedoc-Roussillon?

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Gerard Bertrand’s Tautavel at the London International Wine Fair – Love That Languedoc

In my Languedoc-centric recap of the London International Wine Fair, I mentioned that Gerard Bertrand and Thierry’s did a presentation in the Access Zone.  Bertrand sat down with two people and explained the Tautavel blending  process to them.  They filmed that little session and then talked about it at the Access Zone.

Here is an edited version of that presentation put together by the same mad cats that produced my little video from the LIWF.

Thierry’s Wine Blending from Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

I feel like it would have been more fun to actually watch the blending session live rather than listen to them talk about how much fun it was, but I’m glad companies as big as Thierry’s are acknowledging that social media stuff can be good for business. I hope their foray into social media will not be a fleeting thing and that they will learn quickly and adapt to this environment. And that they’ll use the space to bring a lot of good attention to the Languedoc-Roussillon which houses some of their biggest winemakers like Gerard Bertrand and Val d’Orbieu.

I think what’s even more interesting than this presentation is the blogging initiative Thierry’s set up to promote their activities at the wine fair.  They set loose a handful of bloggers who posted all sorts of little snippets throughout the LIWF.  Again, hopefully their effort outlives this one event and they’ll keep on posting.

Edit: as I was publishing this post, Pieter who was one of the people involved in this Thierry’s presentation brought another video to my attention!  It’s the actual blending session and arguably way better than the presentation about the blending session.  But I can’t embed it so I guess just a link.

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Unusuals – White Wines in the Languedoc-Roussillon done Differently – Love that Languedoc episode 40

My dad and I sit down to taste two unusual Languedoc whites. These are two winemakers who offer an innovative perspective on two different white wine varietals.

Rives Blanques has their old school Sauvignon Blanc that doesn’t follow the typical rules and carries a fair bit of structure and kick for a little VdP. And then you’ve got Treloar’s very interesting dry muscat which can age a couple of years without any problem.

The wines:
Sauvageon 2008, Château Rives Blanques, Vin de Pays d’Oc
One Block White 2007, Domaine Treloar, Vin de Pays Cotes Catalanes

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