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Changer l’Aude en Vin – Avril 26 2010 à Carcassonne

I just got my invite to this year’s Changer l’Aude en Vin (there is a pun here with the French phrase for turning water into wine). I first saw the flier in Jean Baptiste and Charlotte Sénat’s winery and it’s unsurprising that they’re at the heart of this gathering. Fifteen winemakers are gathering in the Cité de Carcassonne for a cool grassroots tasting. At least I’m guessing it’ll be a little more DIY than your average wine salon. The flyers are printed like punk posters and Sénat has a rebellious vibe. I look forward to seeing what happens.

And if 15 hand-picked Aude winemakers isn’t enough to draw you to the event, the pot has been sweetened this year. They’ve invited 5 organic producers from the Marne to show off some of their Chamagnes. Sénat never misses a pun and redubs the event “Changer l’Aube en Vin”. I’m not really sure why they added Champagne this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just for the pun. :D

So a Love That Languedoc rarity, we’ll be talking champagne.

On a related note, I really wish I had been able to attend the Treloar art expo opening a couple weeks back. Hopefully a few of my readers had a chance to swing by the event and taste some wine and see some art. I like all the winemaker initiatives going on in the region. Gives me a lot of hope!

Je viens de recevoir mon invitation “Changer l’Aude en Vin 2010″,  un rassemblement sur la Cité de Carcassonne de 15 vignerons Audois, tous certifiés ou en conversion vers l’Agricutlure Biologique. Une réunion qui devrait attirer beaucoup d’attention.

Cela fait du bien de voir des efforts comme celui-ci initiés et organisés pars les vignerons. Entre “Changer l’Aude en Vin”, l’exposition d’art organisée par le Domaine Treloar plus tôt dans l’année, et d’autres évènements, j’ai de grands espoirs pour les vignerons du Languedoc Roussillon.

Participating producers from Aude:

Domaine l’Arbousier
AOC Corbières

Clos de l’Anhel
AOC Corbières

Domaine Benjamin Taillandier
AOC Minervois

Mas des Caprices
AOC Fitou

Domaine de Cazaban
AOC Cabardès

Domaine Les Enfants Sauvages (is this in Aude?)
VDP Cotes Catalanes

Domaine Ledogar
AOC Corbières

Domaine Les Hautes Terres
AOC Limoux

Domaine Hegarty Chamans
AOC Minervois

Domaine Jean Baptiste Sénat
AOC Minervois

Vignoble du Loup Blanc
AOC Minervois

Domaine Maxime Magnon
AOC Corbières

Le Mas de Mon Père
AOC Malpère

Chateau Pech Redon
AOC La Clape

Domaine Remi Jalliet
AOC Corbières

Invited producers from Marne:

Champagne Benoit Lahaye
Champagne David Léclapart
Champagne Frison de Marne
Champagne Pierre Gerbais
Champagne Vouette-et-Sorbée

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Unusuals – White Wines in the Languedoc-Roussillon done Differently – Love that Languedoc episode 40

My dad and I sit down to taste two unusual Languedoc whites. These are two winemakers who offer an innovative perspective on two different white wine varietals.

Rives Blanques has their old school Sauvignon Blanc that doesn’t follow the typical rules and carries a fair bit of structure and kick for a little VdP. And then you’ve got Treloar’s very interesting dry muscat which can age a couple of years without any problem.

The wines:
Sauvageon 2008, Château Rives Blanques, Vin de Pays d’Oc
One Block White 2007, Domaine Treloar, Vin de Pays Cotes Catalanes

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Domaine Treloar’s Ravishing Reds of Roussillon – Love that Roussillon episode 28

Rachel Treloar joins Jonathan and me as we finish our tasting at Domaine Treloar. Three Peaks, which Jon describes as a slightly more traditional red, and their number one wine called Tahi (Mauri for number one) which has a lot going on to make it their number one wine.  It’s always nice to just chat about winemaking.

I like how Jon really gets behind his chalky terroir which isn’t the type of terroir we usually think of in the Roussillon where winemakers tend to be very proud of their schisty vineyards. He insists that the chalky soils help balance out his grapes and create wines with a refreshing acidity.

The work on these wines is really interesting because Jon and Rachel clearly treat every barrel as its own cuve and make some really interesting wines with a lot of different layers.

The wines:
Three Peaks 2007, Domaine Treloar, AOC Cotes du Roussillon
Tahi 2006, Domaine Treloar, AOC Cotes du Roussillon

re: invitations discussed at the end
email me:

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Visiting a Winery Near Perpignan, Domaine Treloar – Love That Roussillon Episode 26

I visit Domaine Treloar’s winery and vineyard out by Perpignan way down south in the Roussillon.  We taste a rosé and a couple dry whites that show an interesting perspective on what we can do in the area.  This video will also appeal to our commenters who have been asking for some of the quirkier varietals like Macabeu and Carignan Blanc.

Jonathan Hesford and I taste a dry Muscat called One Block White which is pretty wild.  It smells a like Muscat, and you get a little lychee on the finish, but the wine’s got a real solid minerality throughout.  La Terre Promise is also very good even though I fail miserably to talk about it in the video.  The important thing to take away is that these are serious wines.  And I like the idea of winemakers innovating some grapes like Muscat that are known mostly for their contributions to sweet wines.

The wines:
The Rose of Treloar 2009, Domaine Treloar, VDP Cotes Catalanes
One Block White 2008, Domaine Treloar, VDP Cotes Catalanes
La Terre Promise, Domaine Treloar, VDP Cotes Catalanes

Varietals mentioned:
Grenache gris
Carignan blanc

Bruce Springsteen references made:
“La Terre Promise” is French for “The Promised Land” a classic from the Boss.

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