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Snowed in that Languedoc – Episode 44

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Snow seems to be falling all around the northern hemisphere. And I am stuck at my winery. So enjoy an exceptional barrel tasting of my dad’s wines.

See the shocking conclusion in PART 2 AT SNOW’VINEYARDS

I try a new idea by talking about local news and wine news. We discuss Georges Freche’s upcoming election, the CIVL’s new leadership with Jeanjean and liquid glass, amongst other things. Let me know if you think this sort of news discussion format is interesting enough to bring back on a monthly or weekly basis.

Oh and azote means nitrogen. Not zinc. I don’t know where I got that from.  Nitrogen makes a lot more sense.  People say that snow helps fix nitrogen in the soil.

We try a few different samples but I’ll post all the details later at the Domaine O’Vineyard website since I don’t want this to get too advertisement-y.

Thanks for tuning in.

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