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Favorite 2011 Harvest Photos

These are some of my favorite 2011 harvest photos from around the Languedoc Roussillon.  In no particular order.  Each photo links to the original site where you can find much more content.  I encourage you to go and visit the region’s wonderful winemaking bloggers.

And of course check out the fuller list of harvest updates I posted earlier or photos from 2010 harvest.

Mas de l’Ecriture – Grapes at harvest

Pech d’Andre – The last grenache grapes coming in
Grappe Gracias

Clos Romain – Density measurements of young juice

clos romain measures density of grape juice

Clos des Fées – Harvesters take a break in the Roussillon

break in the muscat at harvest 2011

Domaine la Rabidote – Photo of slate terroir

slate terroir domaine de la rabidote

Les Vignerons de Maury – Dramatically lit wine chai

dramatically lit winery

The Vigneron’s Wife – Portrait of a winemaker, Jerome

Jerome passing by


Rives Blanques – Portrait of a happy harvester

happy harvester at rives blanques

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2011 Harvest updates from around the Languedoc

I’m really stunned at the quality and quantity of harvest updates coming from Languedoc Roussillon winemakers in 2011.  We’ve come a long way and I can definitely feel the virtual groundswell.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite harvest updates in the region.

Favorite Harvest Updates

The Outsiders Facebook Page

I’m a member of this group of winemakers “from elsewhere”. Louise Hurren is curating the page very well with lots of fun updates from winemakers who don’t always have the time to post their own photos and messages during harvest.


Mas de l’Ecriture

The Fulla clan was doing awesome updates last year too. But this year’s harvest albums, I love how many photos focus on the harvesting team having a silly good time while they make their excellent wine.

eating grapes during harvest at mas de l'ecriture

Trinque Fougasse

This caviste in Montpellier goes around with his camera all the time and he doesn’t stop at harvest.  Lots of fun updates from some of the wineries represented in his shop and venue.


5000 Vines, Le Couvent Roujan

Ali gives Eileen a lesson in pigeageThe 5000 vines blog did an awesome six part day by day catalog of their harvest with lots of photos of everybody working together to bring in their ripe grapes.  They also did some video and even one audio clip of the bubbling sounds of a live fermentation! Very well done!

All of these are really swell collections of updates and deserve some attention!

If you find other updaters please let me know about them so I can follow along and add them eventually.

These updates are extremely important because they help communicate exactly how active and alive the winemaking community is in the Languedoc Roussillon.  It’s wonderful that some people are pushing so hard to get our lives out to the rest of the world!

Good work everybody!


Full Frontal Grapes!

Färdig SyrahLivet i Languedoc

5000 vines cinsault

dog smelling merlot grapes

grenache fermenting5000 vines fermentation

 Other Languedoc-Roussillon harvest updates

Hervé Bizeul talks about double rainbows and ennui.


Something in Swedish at Domaine de la Rabidote!

At O’Vineyards, I wax poetic about the whole country of France’s harvests.

A text based update from Domaine Guizard. Give him a break, it’s hard to take pictures when you’re covered in raisins.

Harvest update from Pech Celeyran.


Girls and Boys split the winemaking duties at Pech d’Andre

Jus alicante

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Harvest starting in the Languedoc

It’s hard for normal people to understand what harvest means to a winemaker.  It’s an intense moment (a moment that can last a month) in which a whole year of hard labor takes substance.  So much can happen in so few days.  And since I’m in a slightly later-harvesting portion of the region, I always get to watch the signs of harvest at my neighbors’ before things really take off at O’Vineyards.

Seeing the turned over fruit crates and empty buckets gets me all worked up.

harvest prep at couvent roujan photo: 5000vines

As early as 2 weeks ago, I was getting reports about precocious harvests in some parts of the Roussillon and Limoux. Now, we’re getting to the bulk of harvest season.  Even though I won’t be harvesting until mid September, I can still share all the Languedoc buzz that’s going down today.


Domaine d’Aupilhac, Montpeyroux

Grenache Blanc and Marsanne coming in by hand at the Domaine d’Aupilhac. Video by intrepid caviste and videographer, Trinque Fougasse.

Pech d’André, Minervois

Some Clairette at Pech d’André.

Le Couvent, Roujan

Bringing in Grenache in the foothills of the Parc Naturel du Haut Languedoc.

Château Pech-Céleyran, La Clape

Harvesting Sauvginon Blanc in Côtes de Pérignan (think La Clape)


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Languedoc Roussillon winemaker blogs and twitter accounts updated

I just updated the list of Languedoc Roussillon winemaker blogs and winemaker twitter accounts.

This post simply summarizes the updates. For the complete lists, click on one of the following:

Looks like lots more are popping up and retention/activity on the old sites is staying strong!  It really does make a boy proud. :)


Twitter accounts added:

Blogs added:

Facebook pages added:

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