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Domaine Treloar’s Ravishing Reds of Roussillon – Love that Roussillon episode 28

Rachel Treloar joins Jonathan and me as we finish our tasting at Domaine Treloar. Three Peaks, which Jon describes as a slightly more traditional red, and their number one wine called Tahi (Mauri for number one) which has a lot going on to make it their number one wine.  It’s always nice to just chat about winemaking.

I like how Jon really gets behind his chalky terroir which isn’t the type of terroir we usually think of in the Roussillon where winemakers tend to be very proud of their schisty vineyards. He insists that the chalky soils help balance out his grapes and create wines with a refreshing acidity.

The work on these wines is really interesting because Jon and Rachel clearly treat every barrel as its own cuve and make some really interesting wines with a lot of different layers.

The wines:
Three Peaks 2007, Domaine Treloar, AOC Cotes du Roussillon
Tahi 2006, Domaine Treloar, AOC Cotes du Roussillon

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Château Lascaux Winemaker – Love that Languedoc episode 20

Finally, we taste the wines at Château de Lascaux in English.  We’re accompanied by the winemaker himself, Jean-Benoit Cavalier.  These aren’t his AOC Pic Saint-Loup wines (which we tasted in French), but they still bring a lot to the table.  We talk about wines with love handles and wines that taste like entire baskets of fruit.  Limestone deposits.  Yin yangs.  What didn’t we talk about?  It was a fun show.

The French episodes cover some of the bigger badder wines from Château de Lascaux, and this episode refers to them heavily.  I even retaste Les Pierres d’Argent at one point, eager to see how the two different white wines compare side by side.

The wines:
Château de Lascaux Coteaux Blanc 2006, Château de Lascaux, AOC Coteaux du Languedoc
Château de Lascaux Coteaux Rouge 2007, Château de Lascaux, AOC Coteaux du Languedoc

previously tasted in French:
Les Nobles Pierres 2004
, Château de Lascaux, AOC Pic Saint-Loup
Les Nobles Pierres 2005, Château de Lascaux, AOC Pic Saint-Loup
Les Pierres d’Argent 2005
, Château de Lascaux, AOC Coteaux du Languedoc
Pic Saint-Loup 2007, Château de Lascaux, AOC Pic Saint-Loup

Importer information! If your favorite local restaurant/retailer doesn’t have the wine, give them this link.

Oh and hey, Episode 20! That feels like a landmark.  Next episode: Jean Heritier, our guest from episode 1, comes back and gives us a neat treat and the episode ends with a guessing game!

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Christmas Blind Wine Tasting – Love that Languedoc Ep 16

Happy Holidays!!!  We did a blind tasting of our stocking stuffers (delicious Languedoc reds).

I woke up to find my stockings full of delicious Languedoc wine.  We keep the bottles in their stockings and do a blind tasting with the family.  It was really exciting.  I was very happy with how great both wines tasted.  One of them stumped me really hard even though I tasted it just two weeks ago, but that’s the beauty of blind tasting.

The wines:
Cuvée Saturne 2005, Domaine Virgile Joly, AOC Languedoc
Gravieres De Sancastel 2006
, Domaine des Homs, AOC Minervois

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Love La Pèira – Love that Languedoc Episode 8

I got to visit the cult hit La Pèira in the Terrasses du Larzac and taste a lot of delicious wines. Unfortunately for you anglophones, the reds were tasted in La Pèira’s French tasting. Luckily though, I’m not the only one who talks about them. You can check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s take on these delicious red wines or read what the Wine Advocate says.

In the meantime, this English language episode is packed full of goodies including a blow-your-mind white wine (viognier roussane blend) and a tasting of the 2009 Syrah from La Pèira pure in the holding tank. NICE. This gives you a sneak peak of the Syrah that will make its way into their extremely limited run wines.

In retrospect, I really didn’t freak out enough about this white wine which we finished off at lunch. If you like big reds but never really got passionate about white wine (or you know somebody like that), Deuslys is a hardcore white that is explosive. We tasted it AFTER tasting three HUGE red wines and it still felt fresh, big and delicious. The only problem is that they make sooo little of it for now. It’s super rare…for now.

Terroir des Terrasses du Larzac

Terroir des Terrasses du Larzac

Lastly, one of the great things about this vineyard is that you can follow them online. It seems like Rob Dougan has signed up for every social media site I’ve ever heard of.
La Peira on Twitter
on Facebook
on Flickr

The wines:
La Pèira 2007, La Pèira, AOC Terrasses du Larzac
Las Flors 2007, La Pèira, AOC Terrasses du Larzac
Les Obriers, La Pèira, AOC Terrasses du Larzac

See also:
Malolactic Fermentation – A second fermentation (completely separate from alcoholic fermentation) in which malic acids are converted to lactic acids. Softens the tannins and decreases certain types of spoilage. The wine we taste in the tank is probably going through it’s malo as we are tasting it. It’s hard/impossible to tell by taste, but I suspect (and hope) that the malo is underway.

The varietals we mentioned


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