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Grenache Day – Harvesting Grenache in the south of France

You’re thinking to yourself, Ryan only posts aggregated updates these days.  Well, I have long dreamed for the day when I can just sit back and feature the brilliant multimedia buffet of other wine producers in the Languedoc-Roussillon.  And around harvest time, it seems all the blogs, youtubes, flickers, facebooks, twitters, etc. come back to life.  People are posting absolutely amazing content all around the south of France and I am here to bring you my highlights.

And this post will be about Grenache, because today is International Grenache Day, as determined by the Grenache Symposium which Love That Languedoc covered extensively.  This day is devoted to Grenache in all its forms, blanc, gris, noir, whether it be sweet or dry.  It can even call itself Garnacha and walk around wooing the girls with its thick Spanish accent and Mediterranean flair.  It can also sometimes go as Garnatxa, Ґарнача, Cannonau, グルナッシュ, ренаш, and גרנאש.  It’s no surprise that the grape has a name in every language seeing as how it’s the most planted red grape on earth, and it surely would have won “Most likely to succeed” in its high school superlatives.  That is if Grenache weren’t such a cool dude who almost never gets credit for his work.  He stays behind the scenes, making the wine world go round and he is cool with that.

But not today.  People have decided that we are going to make a big deal and throw an International parade for #Grenache.  And hoorah!

It’s harvest time and I’m super busy, but I wanted to assemble some of my favorite Grenache-related posts for you from the Languedoc Roussillon.  Enjoy!  And open a bottle of Grenache!

This is the Grenache coming off the sorting table at Domaine Gayda. Gayda is also the home of Vinécole which had a big Grenache Day bash today.

And here is footage from Vinecole’s actual Grenache Day brut de cuve tasting!  It’s several youtube videos in a play list, so you can watch them all in one go.

harvesting grenache gris at <a href=

Finding the Grenache Gris at Domaine Jones can be a task in itself.  I think this is one of those vineyards where the gris is planted here and there amidst the grenache noir.

really excited french guy harvesting at mas de l'ecriture

I’m not actually sure if this is a Grenache harvest, but it’s at Mas de l’Ecriture and they definitely do have delicious Grenache.  Judging by the look on this guy’s face, it’s coming in really well this year!

Roadside in the Roussillon. This video from les vignerons de Trémoine is 100% honest, showing some Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris coming in together on the trailer.

A little over edited for my tastes, but I love the effort to bring the whole Domaine Sainte Rose harvest to you in a short video. Although, hold the uninspired indie music please. Thank you.

And here’s a link to more 2010 harvest fun in the South of France. Enjoy a bottle of Grenache with some friends!

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The Grenache Rainbow: Blanc Gris and Noir – Love That Languedoc episode 34

Hello there! We tasted three wines that feature Grenache prominently. And as you may realize Grenache comes in many colors. We taste them all! Grenache blanc (a white wine grape), grenache gris (a red-skinned grape used to make a white wine), and a grenache noire (a red wine grape).

The wines:
2002 Cuvée Virgile, Domaine Virgile Joly, Vin de Pays de l’Herault
Naïck 7, Domaine L’Oustal Blanc, Vin de Table (non-vintage, but it’s totally from 2007)
2007 La Réserve de Monsieur, Château la Chaussée, AOC Corbières

See Also:
Terroir Fontfroide, a specific area in the very large Corbières
Sadat X, a musician and wine reviewer who speaks from the heart and tastes straight from the bottle

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Visiting a Winery Near Perpignan, Domaine Treloar – Love That Roussillon Episode 26

I visit Domaine Treloar’s winery and vineyard out by Perpignan way down south in the Roussillon.  We taste a rosé and a couple dry whites that show an interesting perspective on what we can do in the area.  This video will also appeal to our commenters who have been asking for some of the quirkier varietals like Macabeu and Carignan Blanc.

Jonathan Hesford and I taste a dry Muscat called One Block White which is pretty wild.  It smells a like Muscat, and you get a little lychee on the finish, but the wine’s got a real solid minerality throughout.  La Terre Promise is also very good even though I fail miserably to talk about it in the video.  The important thing to take away is that these are serious wines.  And I like the idea of winemakers innovating some grapes like Muscat that are known mostly for their contributions to sweet wines.

The wines:
The Rose of Treloar 2009, Domaine Treloar, VDP Cotes Catalanes
One Block White 2008, Domaine Treloar, VDP Cotes Catalanes
La Terre Promise, Domaine Treloar, VDP Cotes Catalanes

Varietals mentioned:
Grenache gris
Carignan blanc

Bruce Springsteen references made:
“La Terre Promise” is French for “The Promised Land” a classic from the Boss.

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