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Wine Tourism at the Grenache Symposium – Love that Languedoc

A subject that came up a lot at the Grenache Symposium was oenotourism, or wine tourism.  The idea is that tourism creates potential fans and potential ambassadors of your wine.  If there’s one thing better than somebody who drinks your wine, it’s somebody who gets all their friends to drink your wine too!

So there are two little clips I want to show.

In one clip, Reva K Singh discusses the possibility of creating a capital for Grenache.  By creating a sort of Ground Zero for Grenache, she can motivate her readership in India to travel to that capital with the specific goal of tasting delicious Grenache.

We talked about a lot of different areas that were viable candidates to be the “capital” of Grenache.  While I want to say it’s the Roussillon or Catalunya, I understand that we can’t hog all the glory in the Languedoc-Roussillon.  It might actually make more sense to favor an idea that the Mediterranean is the “capital” of Grenache.  Mediterranean vacations speak to people all over the world as a sort of luxurious vacation spot.  That high-profile can benefit the grape more than just saying the name of one city or one specific appellation like Chateauneuf du Pape.

Maybe this is a place for umbrella brands like Sud de France.  That name is a lot catchier than Languedoc and it encompasses a lot of the Mediterranean wine producing regions.  But then maybe it would alienate our friends in the Priorat and other Grenache producers who don’t consider themselves French.

I wonder if Australians, Americans, South Africa and everybody else producing delicious Grenache far from the Mediterranean would be okay with this idea.

Then Robert Joseph had an interesting bit to say about the lack of well-developed wine tourism in France.  And this hits home.  We really have a responsibility to set up an infrastructure for tourists who want to come to our country and taste wine.  It’s our responsibility!  I might translate this into French, because it will do more good in French than in English.

But anyway, Joseph talks about how French wine tourism is lacking and how we can learn a lot by observing Lafitte’s efforts in China. There’s money and power in tourism.  It could be a major source of income for winemakers in the near future.

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