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Secret Wine – Costieres de Nimes, between Languedoc and Rhone

Hey remember when we used to taste wine on this website?

My dad and I, mid-harvest, did a blind tasting as part of the Secret Wine competition and marketing push by Claire de Lune.  And I wasn’t sure if this would end up on Love That Languedoc or not.  For one thing, the wines might have been from somewhere outside the Languedoc.  And for another, we figured we’d be so embarassingly far off that we wouldn’t want to publish our blind tasting.

But as it turns out, I think it fits in perfectly with the Love That Languedoc theme of exploration and discovery and fun.

So in our first round of guessing, I went all Languedoc.  My dad cited Plan de Dieu, one of the Cotes du Rhone Village named village appellations, but I didn’t use that in my final ballot.  Claire de Lune, the marketing agency, told me to guess again.  So for my second guess I went all Cotes du Rhone Village.  And in the end, it turned out to be something in between: Costieres de Nimes.

I think the marketing campaign was a success (despite deadbeats like me who waited months to publish something).  Because the tasting brought me to a natural conclusion: Costieres de Nimes is somewhere between Languedoc and Rhone.

For those who don’t know, Costieres de Nimes used to be a Languedoc wine region and it’s still located in the Languedoc politically.  But the winemakers have successfully aligned themselves with the Rhone and this Secret Wine competition will hopefully help promote the idea that they’re between two worlds.  Personally, I use this dual personality very seflishly.  Whenever I like a Costieres de Nimes, I say it’s Languedoc. And when I don’t like it, I blame it on the Rhone.

Congrats to the winner who was the first to blurt out Costieres de Nimes!

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