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Winemakers address the longevitiy of Grenache at Grenache Symposium – Love That Languedoc Episode 62

Here we have one of TWO epic panel of winemakers at the Grenache Symposium held in the Rhone last week. The Q&A can get a little dry at times, but I think some of you will appreciate it. If it gets too technical, feel free to fast forward through the video to see other people talk.

I think the most interesting thing about this footage is that it shows the huge amount of knowledge and detail that went into the Symposium. This was not a fluff-oriented conference. We had a group that truly understands the strengths and challenges facing Grenache grapes around the world. If anything, posting video from the Symposium is making me realize that we need to do a sort of entry-level translation for people who just like wine. More on this to follow.

The people who talk in this video include:
Ray O’Connor, wine writer of the year and my name nemesis, asks “What is the ageability of Grenache as a single varietal and as a blend?”
Randall Grahm, winemaker at Bonny Doon, answers by talking about the hidden power of Grenache
Vincent Avril, of Clos des Papes, gets into some of the details about blended Grenache in Chateauneuf du Pape
Chester Osborn, from d’Arenberg, talks about how Grenache responds to vintages in Australia
Eben Sadie, from Terroir Al Limit Soc. Lda and Sequillo Cellars, talks about making single estate Grenache in Priorat and South Africa and the challenges involved in single varietal Grenache and ripeness
Philippe Cambie, winemaker in Chateauneuf du Pape and around the south of France, talks about the effect of fermenting with stems versus destemming
Hervé Bizeul asks about the proper level of volatile acids in a good grenache and a great grenache
Cambie coyly answers that the good level is the one you have when you finish fermenting, wherever it is.
Tim Atkin asks if there is any place in the world where Grenache should be grown where it is not already grown
Cambie coyly answers “In my garden.”

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Chateau Puech Haut Fantasy Dinner – Love That Languedoc Episode 50

We had an epic dinner and I’ll post lots of photos, but this short video is the dozen and some winemakers who proudly presented their wines at Puech Haut’s dinner Tuesday night.

As you can see, they are a fun and goofy group. But the wines don’t mess around.

It’s probably the best traditional meal I’ve ever had. Four courses, cheese and dessert. Sticking to traditional cuisine with a few inspired highlights and garnishes to update the dishes. And three to four excellent wines with every course (selected by Philippe Cambie to accompany each part of the meal).

I’m proud to see Languedoc wines like Oustal Blanc’s Maestroso and Puech Hauts’ wines served alongside legendary names in Chateauneuf du Pape and the rest of the Rhone and even some of our neighbors in Spain.

Good times!

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Dégustation a l’Oustal Blanc – Languedoc je t’aime Episode 31

On a fait une visite SUPER à l’Oustal Blanc où Claude Fonquerle fait des vins vraiment de mon style. Il fait des vins travaillés et puissants que j’apprécie beaucoup. Du fait que nous avons partagé la dégustation avec des sommeliers restaurateurs, le tournage est un plus le style BKWine que Love That Languedoc, mais il faut toujours essayer des nouveaux styles, n’est-ce-pas?

J’espère que cette épisode vous rendra curieux et que vous suivrez la deuxième partie de l’Oustal Blanc. Je veux vraiment refaire la dégustation avec le style plus typique de ce blog parceque j’adore ces vins et je n’ai pas eu l’opportunité de vraiment les exprimer. Je ne suis pas surpris que Claude Fonquerle a appris l’art de faire du vin à Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Ces vins sont une recherche de puissance et maturité bien fondues et enrobées d’une richesse impressionante.

Les vins:
K 2009 (pas encore mise en bouteille), l’Oustal Blanc, Vin de Table
Naïck 7 Rouge (2007, sans millésime), l’Oustal Blanc, Vin de Table
Giocoso, l’Oustal Blanc, AOC Minervois

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