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Eggenfelden Market in Carcassonne – Place des Halles

I just attended the Eggenfelden Market (Google Map of Eggenfelden) in Carcassonne.  It’s a new Saturday market positioned in between the markets in the Place Carnot and the permanent shops in Les Halles.  This new market in Eggenfelden is a Farmer’s Market where we are all producers.  So shop direct!

Interesting notes include a dairy farmer who sells raw milk direct.  It’s delicious, and I was just talking to somebody about how you never have opportunities to buy milk direct even though you see dairy cows everywhere.  Well now you can!  Also some delicious meats and breads and wines and EVERYTHING.

I don’t know why these youtube videos keep cutting out short of the end, but whatever. The point is come to the market if you’re in the area. And if you’re not in the area, check out your local markets where ever you may be. Shop direct and have fun!

Thanks to the folks who did come out to market yesterday!

And happy Mother’s Day if you live in France and are a mom!

PS – people keep asking why it’s called Eggenfelden. That doesn’t sound very French. It’s Carcassonne’s sister city in Germany! We named the market after them.

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