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Love That #Cabernet Day

I’m wrapping up an excellent #Cabernet Day celebration and staring down a modest line of empties. Some of the greatest Cabs I’ve tasted in a while.

Live Party Cam

The live party cam is now turned off, but you can view the recording of it for posterity. I hope we didn’t say too many naughty things about Bordeaux Cabs. ;D

Part 1: Starts slow as we wind up to Cab Day with friends and family. We actually talk about a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with Cabernet. Such is life!

Part 2:

There’s actually a big dead spot in the middle when we ALL go down to visit the winery and taste my 2009 Cabernet brut de cuve. Oh well. The pitfalls of drinking and streaming.

We had a good turnout of winemakers, wine educators, wine journalists and all-around wine lovers. I met a man who remembered the people who owned my vineyard before the War of 39!!! How awesome is that?

Tonight was a huge opportunity for the Languedoc to show that we are capable of some epic Cabernets. I’m so happy that Rick Bakas was receptive to our being the only open-invitation French satellite for Cabernet Day. I also want to give props to Benajmin at the BIVB, Vicky Wine in Paris, and Kenny over in the Loire for throwing some sweet French Cab Day shindigs.

Languedoc Cabernet

I think that I make wine in a very unique region, the Atlantic Corridor of the Languedoc Roussillon where we can make some pretty stellar Cabernet and Merlot. Like Bordeaux or Napa but with EVEN MORE sunshine. Cabernet Day is a great opportunity to show that off.

Another great thing about this day is that it allows us to invite wine lovers into our every day lives.  I literally just emailed a bunch of people about an open house at the vineyard.  It was an effortless wine tasting.  People brought wines they were proud of.  Other people just came to discover some good Cabs.  But we all got to join together and drink some good wine.  It’s a far cry from the sort of wine foires we’re used to where you have to stand behind a table for ten hours and mindlessly pour for people.  Instead, we get to just enjoy some good wine in good company and hope that some of you enjoy tuning in.

The Internet allows for some wild new ways to communicate on wine and a region as diverse and varied as the Languedoc has everything to gain.

Alright, I’m gonna sign off because I’m rambling.

Tasting notes:

Figure Libre – Domaine Gayda, dark and brooding in the group.  Mostly Cab Franc and I think it shows that off.  Is cab franc cheating?  I think it’s fair game.   Sniffing the empty bottle: I get some real ripe pruney smells.  I miss the time that this bottle was full.

Cabernet Sauvignon Prestige 1999 – Domaine de Combelle, A real delight. Surprisingly bright for a wine that’s been cellared so long.  One of Benjamin Darnault‘s old projects.  Made to last. Sniffing the empty bottle: smells a bit older with some sousbois and forest floor beside that wonderful dark fruit.

Juliet – Chateau Le Bouis, Juliet goes with Romeo and they come in an adorable cigar box packaging and the bottle label kind of looks like a cigar wrapper.  Juliet is Cabernet Sauvignon and a beauty.  I tweeted to the effect that she is not a shy Claire Daines Juliet.  She is a bold, daring Juliet.  A far cry from the child usually portrayed in the play but capturing some of the whimsy of that legendary star crossed lover.  Sniffing the empty bottle: Much more delicate nose on the empty bottle.

Trah Lah Lah – O’Vineyards You know the policy. I don’t talk about my own wines here.

Proprietor’s Reserve – O’Vineyards

Proprietor’s Cab – O’Vineyards

O’Cabernet 2009 – O’Vineyards

LB – Domaine Baillat, I really like this big bold Cab that’s on dark fruit and berry and really shows some of the freshness that the region can show off.  Sniffing the empty bottle: I get more liquorice on the nose and almost a candied quality.

A – Auzias, I didn’t get to taste this one but it got opened and I love the label. Can’t find the empty either. I’ll get a second chance at this later!  Sorry for being a dope on the first go around.  I promise to taste it soon.

Good wines all around.  Thanks everybody for participating.

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Salon d’Aniane – Languedoc je t’aime

J’ai eu du bon temps au Salon d’Aniane dans la Chapelle des Pénitents d’Aniane où on pouvait déguster des vins d’une trentaine de producteurs de cette commune. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, Aniane est au centre des Terrasses du Larzac d’où proviennent plusieurs des vins les plus emblématiques du Languedoc.

Donc on va trouver sur ce salon, des vins d’appellation, tout comme des vins de pays de zone. On trouvera facilement du Cabernet Sauvignon, rendu fameux par certaines grandes cuvées comme Daumas Gassac, Capion, et Grange des Pères (ce dernier n’était pas présent, mais ce n’est pas surprenant). Je crois que plusieurs de ces producteurs présenteront leurs vins le 2 Septembre pour la journée mondiale du Cabernet Sauvignon.

J’ai aussi revu plusieurs vieux amis vignerons: Claude et Isabel Fonquerle qui étaient là pour visiter et déguster,  Virgile Joly qui présentait son premier rosé en collaboration avec un associé …( A-ha! Christopher Johnson Gilbert. Je retrouve son nom sur le blog de Rosemary George).  Et apparemment j’ai raté de quelques minutes Marc Roisin de VinoGusto et Paige de LocalFoodandWine.  Il y avait du monde!

Je ne suis pas seulement allé pour boire du Cabernet et revoir mes vieux amis…  mais aussi pour vous ramener les actualités et découvertes. J’ai rencontré un des producteurs-exposant du salon, Jean-Yves Chaperon, propriétaire exploitant sur Les Chemins de Carabote. Voyons ensemble ce qu’il pense de cette rencontre à Aniane:

Si vous voulez découvrir des vins intéressants autour d’Aniane,  St Saturnin, Jonquieres, les Terrasses du Larzac, et les alentours, je vous conseille de visiter le prochain salon d’Aniane. C’était super.

Liste des participants en 2010.

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True Brau-mance @ Love that Languedoc Episode 10

I make wine on the outskirts of a tiny French village named Villemoustaussou. This town name is enough to make even French heads spin. In episode 10, I visit Wenny Tari at the only other independent winery that I know of in town, Chateau Brau (pronounced like: “hey, bro, what’s up?)

They are organic growers and have been for a really long time, so it’s not just part of a fad. They have 14 different varietals on just 40 hectares and they make 18 different wines. Very interesting look at how small wineries can scale their business up without losing quality.

Oh and that bubbling sound you can hear throughout the video is a malolactic fermentation, I think.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! We taste a barrel-fermented Chardonnay and a totally unoaked Cabernet Sauvignon and they’re both interesting.

The wines:
Chardonnay 2008, Domaine de Brau, Vin de Pays d’Oc
PURE Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Domaine de Brau, Vin de Pays d’Oc

Domaine de Brau
F-11620 Villemoustaussou
Tel +33 (0)4 68 72 31 92
Fax +33 (0)4 68 25 91 17

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