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Does Decanter Love The Languedoc?

Andrew Jeffords and Rosemary George tackled the Herculean task of writing an eight page feature to describe the Languedoc in the March issue of Decanter.  A region so diverse and adventuruous is incredibly hard to encapsule in just a few pages, so they focused on giving readers a taste of that diversity.  And I think they did a really fantastic job.

Andrew Jeffords explains the pleasure of discovery and adventure in the Languedoc:

“One of the reasons why I wanted to live in this area was discovery.  Sure, we could have moved to Dijon and I could have biked down to Vosne every Sunday and worshipped at the walls of Romanée-Conti, saving up for a bottle per decade, but where’s the pleasure in that?  Languedoc, by contrast, is a giant funfair complete with eye-popping rides and weird sideshows, flashing lights and duck shoots and test-your-strength bells. Some of its wines are impolite, barely house-trained; others are exciting enough to make your hair stand on end. I love it.”

After Jeffords’ brilliant introduction, Rosemary George digs into the meat of the Languedoc.  A blow by blow analysis of Faugeres, La Clape, Terrasses du Larzac, Limoux, Minervois la Liviniere, Cabardes, and Pic Saint Loup (and Pezenas gets its own feature later in the magazine, p 114).  Each area description tries to explain what makes it so special and I think she George does a great job creating an image of each appellation.  She also gets a couple namedrops in for each area so you can get a feel for some of the movers and shakers.

No ink about me this time, but that’s actually pretty encouraging!  This article is about how vibrant and unexpected the region is.  And in a way, I’m old news.  Since I started Love That Languedoc (years ago!?) dozens of new wineries have started up and dozens of wines have come to new levels of prominence.  This region is a vast sea and we’re seeing a rising tide that I hope will change the wine world forever.

Decanter's "love the languedoc"

Why people love the Languedoc

If you’d like to read the full article, another winemaker in Limoux has already uploaded it.

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Lar Veale presents Pennautier and the Cabardes

Lots of things going on in the Languedoc of late. A lot of good videos in queue, but you’re going to have to wait a bit more. In the meantime, I found this post from Lar Veale’s site Sour Grapes. On a recent visit to the region sponsored by Chateau Pennautier he made a video that describes the qualities of the terroir in the Cabardes.

Watching this, you can understand how the Cabardès earned a spot in the Grands Vins du Languedoc.  Although I don’t know if the climate here is quite as lush as the Pennautier lawn makes us out to be, provoking Lar to compare our soil to the green glens of Ireland. :D  But either way, the sentiment is good and you can tell that the terroir has really inspired him on his visit.

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AOC Minervois et Cabardès au Domaine des Homs – Languedoc, je t’aime ep. 11

Nous dégustons au Domaine des Homs trois vins qui représentent deux appellations d’origine controlée. Accompagné par le vigneron, Jean Marc de Crozal, découvrez les assemblages élégants du Minervois et du Cabardès, deux AOCs prometteurs du Languedoc.

Nous abordons plusieurs sujets interressants tels comment faire des vins de garde sans élevage en fût et le travail en agriculture biologique.

En plus de la production du vin, du Carthagène et de l’huile d’olive, Jean Marc et son épouse gèrent des gites en été et sillonnent les routes le reste de l’année pour vendre leurs produits sur toute la France. Un énorme travail de deux passionnés!

Les vins:
Gravieres De Sancastel 2006, Domaine des Homs, AOC Minervois
Paul 2007, Domaine des Homs, AOC Minervois
Château Pech Rosié 2007, Château Pech Rosié, AOC Cabardès

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