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Buvons En Coup Ensemble (BUCE) – Minervois & Corbieres

Nadine Franjus-Adenis stands in front of a giant screen with her profile on itIn 2011, I wrote about the Université de la Vigne et du Vin extensively on my vineyard’s blog.  It’s a fantastic conference organized and operated by locals in Aude, and we’re very lucky to have this kind of initiative homegrown in our own backyard.

While the Universite de la Vigne et du Vin tries to bring challenging speakers to the area to make presentations in a somewhat academic format, the organizers also host follow-up events in a more casual format called “Buvons un coup ensemble”.  Two events with the BUCE format are coming up this Friday, one for the Corbieres and one for the Minervois.

The theme is:

« Communiquer, vendre et réussir sur le Net
Concret, efficace et pas cher !!»

So, communication and online sales.  I’ll try to keep my opinions entertaining and short.  And the other speaker noted in the invitations is Francois Druel

The date is Friday January 20, 2012

The time is 9h30-13h30 for Corbieres at the CIVL in Narbonne

The time is 18h00-20h30 for Minervois at the Château St Jacques d’Albas in Laure-Minervois

Corbieres BUCE details

Minervois BUCE details

I’ll be there with bells on.  If you’re reading this, then you’re already involved with the Internet to some degree and I highly encourage you to come to one of these events.


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