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    January 9, 2009 – I somehow overlooked one of the wine doctor’s December reviews.  He covered two delicious Languedoc wines that I’ll try to check out in 2010.

    January 2, 2009 – Mark Andrews just hosted a “Legends of Southern France” tasting at Roberson in London.  A couple different wines featured on Love That Languedoc were included in the prestigious wine tasting.  And several that I plan on seeing ASAP!  Because the line up is very impressive.

    I wasn’t there so I don’t want to just regurgitate what others said.  Check out Mark’s blog post about it and Rob Dougan’s post at the La Pèira website is very well thought-out, recapping what Decanter wrote on the event and following that up with some thoughts that address what people should expect from wines in the south of France.

    December 19 2009 – Gary is tasting a ton of Languedoc these days.  I feel like he’s tasting it more than at the beginning of WineLibraryTV.  Does it seem that way to you?  Anyway, he was just in Paris and tasted a couple more Languedocs.  A vin de pays that does really well for a simple table wine.  And an AOC Minervois from top notch Burgundian producers and it doesn’t really live up to the price for him.  But I think that has a lot to do with it being a 2008 which is really young for a good, powerful and ripe Languedoc wine.  I’ll have to taste these on the show, cause my curiosity is piqued.  CHECK OUT his tasting video because he also just talks about how the Languedoc is awesome.  There’s interesting pepper and fruit in our area and lots and lots of value.  Thanks, Gary!

    December 16 2009 – Gary blind tasted a Languedoc viognier against an Australian viognier! How did we do?! Watch Gary taste Languedoc wine blind!

    December 12 2009 – Jancis Robinson dishes out her views on the 2009 Harvest in the Languedoc.

    December 12 2009 – Jancis Robinson devotes some time specifically to the Minervois area.

    December 11 2009 – The Sunday Times in England just covered a gorgeous three day trip through some of the coastal chateaux of the Languedoc Roussillon.

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