Mas de l’Ecriture unedited – Love That Languedoc

I posted a video montage of my visit to the Mas de l’Ecriture, but I never got around to showing you the unedited footage. It wasn’t really a convenional episode, so a lot of this footage is just camera staring off into space while I taste delicious wines.  Live with it.

In the video, you get to see a bit more of Pasca Fulla, Lea Fulla and Louise Hurren.  The Fullas make wine there and Louise gets people like me to talk about it. And all three of these talented individuals are contributing vast amounts of energy into creating more and more value in the Languedoc. There is also a child sneaking around in the background, but I’m the only person who saw him and the camera never caught him, so everybody thinks I’m crazy.

The unedited version has a lot more English in it, and it includes me failing to guess varietals repeatedly! So it’s worth following us along on a brut de cuve wine tasting at the Mas de l’Ecriture.

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