Les Trois Maries de Domaine Thunevin-Calvet – Love That Languedoc episode 24

We finish up our New Year’s tasting of Thunevin-Calvet, an estate in the Maury sort of on the cusp between Languedoc and Roussillon. Make sure you’ve watched the first part of this wine tasting.

If there’s one thing to take away from this tasting it’s that Maury doesn’t just do the doux.  They can make excellent, KILLER dry red wines. Great way to start the new year.

We also spend some time reflecting on how some of these Languedoc wines would make a might fine cellar.  For a reasonable investment today, you could have a goldmine cellar in ten-fifteen years.  Something to think about.  Especially if you have a toddler.  Get some wine from their birth vintage.  What a great excuse to start a cellar stock.  And you won’t constantly be tempted to drink the wine because you’re saving it until they’re old enough to drink it with you!

The wines:
Constance 2007, Domaine Thunevin-Calvet, Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes
Les Dentelles 2006, Domaine Thunevin-Calvet, AOC Côtes du Roussillon Villages
Les Trois Maries 2007, Domaine Thunevin-Calvet, AOC Côtes du Roussillon Villages

See also:

Garage winemakers – These guys make small quantities of great wine.  Here is a Grand Crew post about meeting Thunevin (and Michel Gracia, another great garage winemaker).  Thunevin’s a partner in the Maury property with Jean Roger Calvet, and they make Garagiste quality wine in slightly more conventional quantities.

Jean Luc Thunevin’s English-language blog – He is one of the first garagistes or garage winemakers in Bordeaux. He’s gotten a lot of grief for his unyielding pursuit of the best wine a terroir can give (even when it directly contradicts the classification laws).

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