Languedoc-Roussillon Wineries with Facebook Pages and Vineyards on Facebook

I wanted to do something similar to the post on Languedoc-Roussillon wine producers who blog and the L-R wineries that tweet, by bringing unto you wine producers with facebook pages.  It turns out that everybody and their mother is on Facebook.

So this list is much much longer.  And it’s actually pretty hard to find people. . . so I’m going to publish it in multiple parts.  Here is the first part.

I included wineries, vineyards, negociants, grape growers, etc.  Anybody who presents themselves as a producer and could presumably prove it with tax receipts or something.

Please feel free (Obliged even) to email me to add more to this list or leave a comment at the bottom of this page with a link to the facebook page you’d like to add.  And while you’re doing me favors, somebody needs to tell Georges Frêche that he can’t abandon his facebook page just because he was re-elected.  Obama is still emailing me like DAILY.  (edit: RIP Georges Freche, you will no longer be judged for a lack of social media updates)

Wineries and Vineyards with Facebook pages:


Wine producers who have profiles or groups:

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