Languedoc Roussillon winemaker blogs updated

I just updated the list of Languedoc Roussillon winemaker blogs.  Also some minor changes to the list of facebookers and twitterers.

This post simply summarizes the updates.  For the complete lists, click on one of the following:

I was worried that a lot of blogs would fall into the inactive list.  But to my great surprise, people have really brought these back to life.  We’re in an unprecedented golden age in Languedoc Roussillon wine blogging!  And maybe it’s vain, but I think that my dear readers might be part of the cause for that.  You all and your interest in our region is inspiring winemakers to hit the keyboard after dinner once every couple of months.  Thanks for your continued support and interest in our region!


Blogs added:

Facebook pages added:

Twitter accounts added:

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