Languedoc Outsiders Wine Tasting

Meet the Languedoc Outsiders, a group of winemakers who have all fallen head over heels for Languedoc Roussillon wines.  And for the sake of full disclosure: I’m a happy member of the group.

Last year, the Languedoc Outsiders held a successful tasting event at Sud de France’s Maison du Languedoc Roussillon in London.  And now the group is coming home to do a tasting in our own back yard.  The group’s Montpellier tasting is going to be Chez Boris in the centreville of Montpellier

languedoc outsiders invitation to Montpellier wine tasting

Those readers who have been following the group closely probably notice that there are some changes in the roster.  The new additions are Vella Frontera (Roussillon) and Domaine Sainte Rose (Cotes de Thongue).

Domaine Cébène
Domaine Jones
Chateau de Combebelle
Mas Gabriel
Mas des Dames
Chateau Rives-Blanques
Domaine Treloar
Chateau d’Anglès
Domaine Hegarty Chamans
La Grange de Quatre Sous (no website)
Domaine de Calet
Domaine Vella Frontera
Domaine Sainte Rose

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