Languedoc Outsiders Tasting in London

Just a quick update on the Languedoc Outsiders event we held in London.  It went very well.  I’m fond of this group.  We filled the Maison du Languedoc Roussillon with some very interesting people who were really engaged and enjoying the discovery of some beautiful Languedoc wines.

Here’s a video montage of a few people who finished their tasting near my table and allowed me to ambush them for the blog.  Some constructive criticism and a lot of praise!

As they mention in the video, the tasting’s success was largely due to the very good mix of winemakers and the organizational efforts of Languedoc powerhouse Louise Hurren.

I think the central unifying theme of all being weirdos worked out very well.  Sometimes, when I go to themed tastings, I feel like everybody has the same type of wine or everybody has the same type of discourse, and that gets boring.  With this group, I got along with everybody but genuinely disagreed with a lot of the winemakers on some pretty important issues.  And that’s a GOOD thing!  It means you can walk around and taste with every winemaker without being bored to tears by yet another simplistic presentation that sounds like the guy you were just talking to.

Here’s some live footage of the room. Again, not the most exciting live stream, but it gives you the chance to hear the buzz of the crowd in the beautiful Maison du Languedoc Roussillon provided by Sud de France. :)

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