Juliet Bruce-Jones, Master of Wine – Episode 4 Love that Languedoc

Juliet Bruce Jones, a Master of Wine, swings by the vineyard and presents three excellent wines. Two dry red wines and a sweet dessert wine. Obviously, all of them come from that good old Languedoc.

I guess my favorite part of this episode is when we guiltily start referring to the spit bucket as a blend of fine AOC wine. :D

As always, thank you for watching. New world, meet the Languedoc!

Wines tasted:
Domaine Perdiguier 2006, Vin de Pays Coteaux D’ensérune
La Jasse-Castel 2007, AOC Coteaux du Languedoc Montpeyroux
Domaine Barroubio 2007, Muscat de St-Jean de Minervois

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