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Email Ryan O’Connell – I will answer your email. If I don’t, send me more threatening emails.

If you want to visit the Languedoc, you can ask me all about it.  More and more of you are sending in questions and I love it.  Not only do I get to share my advice with you, but I also get insight into what kind of information people like you need to get their hands on.  This is very valuable and it helps me shape the future of Love That Languedoc, and all my other projects.  Thanks!

And obviously, feel free to visit my vineyard near Carcassonne while you’re here.

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Facebook Love That Languedoc – If you use facebook on a regular basis, you can become a fan on facebook, and you’ll receive updates in your news feed when I post a new episode.  And you can communicate with other fans about regional news, events, and anything else Languedoc-Roussillon

Twitter – Lots of links and conversations about the Languedoc-Roussillon.  A lot of the stuff that’s interesting but doesn’t make the blog, will appear on the twitter feed.


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