Domaine Treloar’s Ravishing Reds of Roussillon – Love that Roussillon episode 28

Rachel Treloar joins Jonathan and me as we finish our tasting at Domaine Treloar. Three Peaks, which Jon describes as a slightly more traditional red, and their number one wine called Tahi (Mauri for number one) which has a lot going on to make it their number one wine.  It’s always nice to just chat about winemaking.

I like how Jon really gets behind his chalky terroir which isn’t the type of terroir we usually think of in the Roussillon where winemakers tend to be very proud of their schisty vineyards. He insists that the chalky soils help balance out his grapes and create wines with a refreshing acidity.

The work on these wines is really interesting because Jon and Rachel clearly treat every barrel as its own cuve and make some really interesting wines with a lot of different layers.

The wines:
Three Peaks 2007, Domaine Treloar, AOC Cotes du Roussillon
Tahi 2006, Domaine Treloar, AOC Cotes du Roussillon

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