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Welcome Palate Press

People coming from Palate Press, please note that this is a bilingual site.  A little more than half the posts are in English and there are several of my favorite English language episodes in the right-hand navigation column.

Also, adding the blog to EmpireAvenue. EAVB_HYXGMMJZQB

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South of France synchronized worldwide tasting

Here is part 1 of the higher quality recording of our live broadcast for the South of France synchronized tasting.

I was accompanied by Malorie from Chateau Le Bouïs, Aude Campos, and Matthew Stubbs and Emma Kershaw of Vinecole.

I know I promised an edit, but it just feels better in that unedited Blair Witch style. Enjoy.  We’ll upload the rest soon, or you can watch the whole syncrhonized tasting in low fidelity.

The wines:
Grande Cuvée 1531, Sieur d’Arques, AOP Crémant de Limoux
Fruité Catalan 2009, Vignerons Catalans, AOP Cotes du Roussillon

Oh, and our question about the varietal composition ofthe Fruité Catalan: Syrah 60 %, Grenache Noir 25 %, Carignan 10 % et Macabeu 5 %.  according to the documentation Vignerons Catalans emailed me post-tasting.

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Email trouble – Please resend your mails

Hey, everybody. I had some technical issues with GoDaddy’s email server. It feels like that company is going to the dogs. It feels more and more like RyanAir every day. It’s a little cheaper but they try to charge you extra for tons of unnecessary services and it’s just becoming a real hassle.

Anyway, the email problem should be fixed. So if you sent me an email lately and it was returned undelivered, PLEASE RESEND. Thanks!

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NNCCGKYMA8VC verifying technorati – love that languedoc

This administrative message should be removed shortly. NNCCGKYMA8VC

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