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Chambre d’Agriculture de l’Aude sur les Truffes – Nota Bene

Un technicien de la Chambre d’Agriculture de l’Aude fait une étude sur la terre de mon Domaine ou on considère la plantation de chênes truffiers.

Il passe un acide sur le sol pour vérifier la présence de calcaire et fait quelques remarques sur le drainage du terroir.

L’idée de planter des chênes pour récolter des truffes, ça fait rêver! même si on ne verra pas de truffes pour plusieurs années.

Un épisode bonus très intéressant.

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Birds fly south – Love That Languedoc, Nota Bene

Une migrqtion d’étourneau!

A bonus episode.  A little while ago, I was eating lunch with some folks at the winery and this huge starling migration swept in over the vineyard.  The birds were gorgeous, forming amazingly intricate yet simple sheets of black in the sky above us.  Worth going to full screen:

So ya, I ran outside with my Flip and filmed this big bird migration and it was awesome.  I gasp with delight at one part, but otherwise this is no comment news.  Just appreciate the wildlife as it sweeps across the vineyard on its journey south. I got mud all over my fancy shoes just for y’all.

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Blind tasting Grenache Blanc Gris and Noir – Nota Bene

Sorry you don’t get a full episode today. The rest of the week might be a little rough and tumble. I got the flu and I’ve got to travel to Paris for a couple Love That Languedoc tastings.

Enjoy this video of me blind tasting grenache wines from episode 34, before la Grippe A took away my sense of smell. As our good friends at Crus: Cave Dégustation say, “Say no to Grippe A. Say yes to Grappa!”

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Sheep Cheese – Nota Bene 3

Another episode with my wonderful parents.  We’re an absurd family tasting an absurd cheese.

My family and I had a fromage brebis at lunch today that had a really unique and knock-your-socks-off flavor. Brebis is a female sheep. We like cheese and we actually enjoy sheep cheese on a regular basis.

This is an exception though. Man, this cheese tastes the way a petting zoo smells. I’m not sure what to make of it, but it’s a Pyrenees cheese (south of Roussillon) and so it’s part of the food and culture of the Languedoc Roussillon. I hope you like this short bonus episode more than we liked the cheese.

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