AOC La Clape Château de Camplazens – Love that Languedoc Episode 30

My parents and I taste three AOC La Clape wines from Château de Camplazens. While we all have a clear favorite, tasting all three wines proves to be very educational and entertaining.

We talk about some questions we have about carbonic maceration, both the process and its effect on the wine, and we discuss Christmas and muggings and whatnot. I should’ve posted this closer to the holidays but there was a huge queue and I didn’t want to skip Camplazens to the front of the line. Anyway, enjoy that Languedoc!

Les vins:
Guarrigue 2006, Château Camplazens, AOC La Clape
Réserve 2006, Château Camplazens, AOC La Clape
Prestige 2007, Château Camplazens, AOC La Clape

See Also:
La Clape – An Appellation d’Origine Controlée that takes its name from an occitan phrase that means something close to “pile of rocks”. It’s near the Mediterranean coast and pretty high in altitude. They get very rich, spicy wines with a surprising amount of freshness.

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